MIKE'S TRANSMISSIONS is your one stop shop for quick and reliable CAR & TRUCK transmission repairs. Mike has over 33 years of experience! For over 22 years we have served the Bay Area's Foreign and Domestic automatic and standard transmission repair needs.  We offer competitive prices, reliable repairs, and efficient service in our state-of-the-art facility.  
Our shop utilizes the latest computer scanning technology, to accurately troubleshoot complex transmission problems.  We provide quality repairs that are fully guaranteed. We are an Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Assosiation facility(ATRA).  National Warranties  are available. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected by our National Warranty Program where ever you travel.



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Mikes Transmissions in San Jose is a Transmission, Drive-Train and Auto Repair Facility that Specializes in; 

       Automatic Transmissions       Standard Transmissions        Differentials        Clutches        Servicing

      Transfer-Cases        Computer Diagnostics       Electronic Drive-TrainTroubleshooting and Diagnostics.             

Automatic Transmissions and Trans-Axles of ALL Makes and Models are Serviced, Repaired, Rebuilt or Exchanged at Mikes Transmissions in San Jose. We Diagnose the Simplest to the Most Complex Automatic Transmissions or Trans-Axles with State-Of-The-Art Scanning and Trouble-Shooting Equipment. We have All of the Proper Tooling to Remove and Install your Automatic Transmission or Transaxle Safely. We use All of the Specialized Tooling that is Absolutely Necessary to Tear-Down, Clean and Rebuild your Automatic Transmission or Trans-Axle Properly. At Mikes Transmissions in San Jose, We Install the HIGHEST QUALITY Parts Attainable.

Standard Transmissions and Trans-Axles of All Makes and Models are Serviced, Repaired, Rebuilt or Exchanged at Mikes Transmissions in San Jose. Whether you have a Three, Four, Five or Six Speed Standard Transmission or Transaxle we can Handle The Job. We use the HIGHEST QUALITY Parts Attainable when Repairing or Rebuilding Units in Our Shop. When a Transmission or Trans-Axle isn’t Repairable or Rebuildable at a Competitive Price, because it’s Too Badly Damaged, we can Acquire Quality Transmissions or Transaxles at a Reasonable Price.

At Mikes Transmissions in San Jose we are Very Experienced at Differential Service, Repair or Rebuilding. We can Repair or Rebuild your Differential to Factory Specifications, or Custom-Build it to suit Special Heavy-Duty or Racing applications. Conventional, Posi-Traction or Locking Differentials are No Problem. Cars and Trucks of All Makes and Models are Our Specialty.

Transfer-Cases are in 4x4 Applications. At Mikes Transmissions in San Jose we Service, Repair or Rebuild All Makes and Models of Transfer-Cases. Mikes Transmissions in San Jose Specializes in All-Wheel-Drive, Four-Wheel-Drive, Part-Time Four-Wheel-Drive and Auto-Four-Wheel-Drive. We are your Transfer-Case Specialists. 

Clutch Adjustments, Repairs and Replacements are done Efficiently at Mikes Transmissions. Dual-Mass, Multi-Disc and Conventional Clutch Assemblies are No Problem. Whether you have a Linkage, Cable or Hydraulic Style of Clutch engagement, Mikes Transmissions in San Jose can Handle the Job. We install LUK Clutch Assemblies which Meet or Exceed OEM Quality Standards, and are Available for Virtually Every Make and Model of Car or Truck. We give our Customers the Longest Guarantee in the Industry. 

Drive-Lines and Axle-Shafts are another Specialty of Mikes Transmissions in San Jose. On Virtually Every Transmission and Trans-Axle Job we Remove them. So we are Very Experienced with All Aspects of Repairing or Replacing Axle-Shafts and Drive-Shafts. CV-Joints(Constant Velocity) and U-Joints(Universal) are No Problem for us to Trouble-Shoot and Repair.

It's Impossible to List Everything that Mikes Transmissions can Repair on your Car or Truck. You can Call Us Anytime to ask about a Type of Repair that you may not see on this Website. If we can't do the job we'll recommend another Honest and Reliable Shop to you that can.  Give us a Call First and find out why Mikes Transmissions Should Be Your One Stop Transmission Shop!    

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Mike's Transmissions of San Jose

Mikes Transmissions was established in 1987 and can take care of your drive-train needs. We service,repair or rebuild Transmissions, Transfer-Cases, Differentials,Stick-Shifts,Clutches & Drive-Lines.
463 Blossom Hill Rd # K San Jose, CA
Phone: 408-629-4205